Opmerkelijk nieuws van Digital Foundry. De techsite, die onder Eurogamer opereert, kreeg de kans om Bayonetta 2 onder handen te nemen, maar kwam hierna tot de conclusie dat de game qua prestaties lichtelijk onderdoet voor het originele Bayonetta op de Xbox 360.

De resolutie van Bayonetta 2 zou 720p (HD-ready) zijn, even veel als op de Xbox 360 dus. De framerate weet echter lang niet altijd 60 frames per seconde te behouden. Dit kan in een snelle vechtgame als Bayonetta 2 een klein probleem zijn, aangezien je razendsnel moet reageren op wat je vijanden doen.

“The bulk of the game’s technical improvements stem from those outrageous set-piece moments. While much of Bayonetta 2’s underpinnings are shared with the original – right down to its native 720p presentation, lacklustre texture filtering and no anti-aliasing – the engine manages to deliver sequences more complex than anything the original had to offer. However, this decision backfires a little in some respects. At its heart this is a game that owes the roots of its design to classic fast-paced PS2-era 60Hz action games such as Devil May Cry. Those backgrounds racing by as you fight hordes of angels? They may as well be flat-shaded boxes without compromising the gameplay. Sure, all of those pyrotechnics and crazy levels are a core part of the experience but they’re ultimately little more than fancy window dressing – and it comes at a cost.”